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" Leonius et duo filii eius Anthonius et Leonius " signed the charter dated 1145 under which " GodefridusDux et Marchio Lotharingiæ " donated property to Voorst abbey 781. Dux Brabantiæ " had given to " dom. Seigneur de Berlo et de Château-Saint-Etienne at Corswarem. . A Courtrai pour une période de 2 ans, je suis une femme blonde sans tabou qui reçoit des hommes courtois et bien montés si possible. M beatrix van Issche, daughter of - (-1295 or before). . M (1292) JAN van Landewijck, son.

G) hendrik (-after 1218). Godefroi de Brabant (1209-, bur Afflighem). . C) arnout van Anderlecht. . The Genealogia Ducum Brabantiæ Ampliata names " Iohannem ducemtercium " as the son of " Iohannesdux " and his wife Margaret 392. . M secondly (contract ) as his second wife, jean de Beaumont Vicomte de Beaumont, son of louis de Brienne "dAcre" Vicomte de Beaumont-en-Maine his wife Agnes de Beaumont (-1306, bur Etival). Sigerus de Anderlecht nobilis cum matre Reilende donated mansum in Esemal to Saint-Trond, for patre suo Folcardo et fratre Liberto, by charter dated. . Burggraaf van Grimbergen.Adam castellanus. Florence Molesworth Hawtrey"s an undated manuscript which records that John de Alta Ripa, obtaining by gift from Joscelin of Louvaine the manor of Heringham or e surname of De Haultrey de Alta Ripa of Dawtrey and was grandfather to Joscelin de Alta Ripa and. " donated property to the Teutonic Knights by charter dated 1226, signed by " Egidius et Arnoldus filii nostri, Henricus de Duffle frater noster " 1182. He was appointed grootmaarschalk van Brabant. .

Seigneur de Mézières et de Mortagne. . The Vita Sanctæ Gudilæ records that " Lambertuscomes " succeeded his brother Henri. . She was appointed regent in Flanders during the absence of her first husband on crusade 109. . In face of opposition to this second marriage from his children and others, Reinoud retired to Rhodes where he died 1275. Her sons inheritance of Duffel suggests that Sophie may have been the heiress. .

Heineman his wife had three children: a) hendrik van Fexhe. . M as her first husband, juliana van Wassemberg Lumain Vrouw van Hermalle, daughter of arnout van Wassemberg Seigneur de Lumain his wife Alix Vrouw van Hermalle (-before 1383, bur Leffe abbey, near Dinant). . Steppo I (-after ). . The name of Alverics wife is not known. . The Vita Arniky, abbot of Averboden, in the Chronicle written by Nicolas Hogeland Abbot of Middelburg, names " ArnoldiConrardiEmilii et Gerardi " as the four brothers of " Arnikius " who visited him at Averboden abbey, adding that Conrad was " ecclesiæ. C)  helwide. .


Domini de Perweys et Grimbergis tunc mariti nostri by charter dated 196. Jacques de Hemricourt names mess. Le 23 novembre 1870 un ballon monté parti de Paris, alors assiégé par les Prussiens, termine sa course à Louvain. Steppo I his wife had one child: a) anton (-after 1107). . M secondly (1370) as her third husband, isabelle de Hamal, widow firstly of engelbert von der Mark Seigneur de Loverval and secondly of walter van Binckham, daughter of jean de Hamal his wife - (-after 1370). . Duke Jean I his first wife had one child:. . " Baldricuscum uxore mea Oda " founded the collegial church in Brussels by charter dated 1047. .

E)  - van Anderlecht. . After the murder of Philipp von Hohenstaufen King of Germany in 1208, Philippe II "Auguste" King of France promoted the candidacy of Duke Henri for the German throne 241. . M as her second husband, margareta van Reeleghem, widow of JAeer van Schoonhoven, daughter of daneel van Reeleghem his wife - (-after ). Iohanns de Colonster, married une des filhes naturee de Duk Iohan de Braybant but died soon afterwards childless 429. The ancestry and earlier history of Arnout I, shown below, is not known. . " Arnoldus et Gerardus fratres de Diest " witnessed the charter dated 1202 under which " HenricusDux Lotharingiæ et Marchio Romani Imperii " confirmed donations to the canons of Antwerp 855. He succeeded his father in 1305 as Graf von Kleve.

M secondly (before Dec 1306) jean de Thouars, son of GUY II Vicomte de Thouars his wife Marguerite de Brienne-Eu (-). . Signed the charter dated 1190 which records the settlement of a dispute between Henri I Duke of Brabant and Gerard Comte de Loos super advocatiam Sancti Trudonis 844. . Iohan le bon Saignor de Hamale engenrée en la sereur de Saing, and that ly dis Sires de Hamale complained of his violence to the bishop of Liège 1279. . " Joanna domina de Spineto " donated property to " monasterio de Parcho Dominarum " near Louvain, with the consent of " domini Henrici de Asca mariti sui by charter dated. . The chronology suggests that Jean was the son of Duke Phlippe. . The following reconstruction of this family is an outline which shows selected family members only, mainly for hyperlinking to other families studied in Medieval Lands. .

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M secondly as her first husband, antoinette de Bourgogne, daughter of adolphe de Bourgogne Seigneur de Beures, de la Vere et de Flessingue, Amiral de Flandre his wife Anne de Berghe. . Mistresses (1) - (x). Her Reynart van Schoonvorst mijn oem, Conrart van Schoenvorst heer tot Elsla ende tot Zittart, Arnout heer te Wachtendonck, Heynrich der jonghe greue van Salmen confirmed their reconciliation with the town of Maastricht by charter dated 1283. Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the charter dated under which " Gerardus de Grimbergis et de Ninive dominus " confirmed the donation to Grimbergen by " viri nobilis. Thomas van Diest, son of arnoueer van Diest his wife Isabelle de Mortagne (-). .

The name of Willems wife is not known. . John Immerseel has pointed out a property connection between the Aarschot and Grimbergen families: the donation by Graaf Arnold to Afflighem in 1125 (see above) consisted of Buggenhout, Malre and Steenhuffle all of which were later held by the Grimbergen family 1005. . Philippe II his first wife had children:. Provost of St Jean et St Pierre at Liège 1184/89. . Adela de Louvain (-1083). .

guillaume (-Brussels, bur Brussels). . Pope Urban issued a bull dated 2 Jul no year which records that Helewigis nobilis mulier et filii eius Arnoldus cum uxore sua Clementia et ipsius Arnoldi fratres Gerardus et Amicus, eorum sorores Helewigis et Hildewara donated property to Diest 860. . Aviæ suæ by charter dated Apr. M adeluye dEnghien, daughter of engelbert III Seigneur dEnghien his wife Ida -/Adelaide dAvesnes (-after 1225). . M philipp otto Rheingraf, Graf von Salm, son of friedrich Rheingraf his wife Anna Gräfin von Salm. She married secondly Guy dHarcourt Baron de Sierray. . M reinudis, daughter of lietold his wife Osburga. . The necrology of Freising Weihenstephan records the death " XV Kal Feb " of " Maria palatine Reni decollate a sponse eius Ludovico palatino Reni " 312. The primary sources which confirm the parentage and marriages of members of this family have not yet been identified, unless otherwise stated below. He succeeded his father in 1235 as henri II Duke of Brabant. .

M JAN van Reimerswaal, son. M firstly beatrix t Serclaes Vrouw van Woluwe St Stevens en Bodegem, daughter of Baron JAN Johann tSerclaes van Bodegem-Woluwe his wife Johanna Swaefs (-1451). M (contract 1238) marie dAuvergne, daughter of guillaumomte dAuvergne his wife Aleidis de Brabant (-). . Hendrik van Dongelberghe (-after 1142). . Leon his wife had two children: a) antoine (-after 1156). .

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JAN V, son of JAN IV Heer van Schoonhoven his wife Cathelijn van der Aa (-before 1339). . M floris van Stalle, son. Iii)  arnold. . seigneurs de bierbais, de chaumont et de beaurieu, seigneurs de tourinnes 476. Peter Crombecq refers to another manuscript source (dating unspecified also from Louvain, which states that the wife of " Godfried van Aarschot " was " Alix " daughter of " Albert whose wife was " - van Bretagne the latter being sister of " Alix.

The Gesta Abbatum Gemblacensium names " Hubertum qui vulgo Hubezo vocabaturet filias duas Richeldem et aliam cuius nomen excidit " as the children of " Heribrandusex Renuide sorore domni Wichperti ". M (before 15 agnes van Grimbergen, daughter of geraard IV Heer van Grimbergen his wife Agnes van Beveren. . The death of " Geeraert Wouter Berthouts vader " is recorded. " Godefridus de Wisenmale miles dominus de Perke et Isentrudis coniunx eiusdem " donated property to Antwerp St Michael by charter dated May. However, it appears likely that she is identified with Adelheid, wife of Henri II Comte de Louvain. . M secondly roger de Mortagne, son of everard Radoul Seigneur de Mortaigne his second wife Elisabeth de Courtrai. Arnout II his second wife had four children: (c) godfried (-before ). . " Wilelmuscomes Juliacensis " donated property at Asp to Kloster Braunweiler, for the souls of " patris nostri Wilhelmi de Hengebach necnon et patris eiusdem avunculi Wilhelmi magni comitis Juliacensis by charter dated Nov 1236, witnessed by " Walramus frater noster, Arnoldus de Diest, Amilius. C) jeanne de Louvain "van Gaesbeek" (-Sep 1315, bur Brussels Carmelite Abbey). . She became a nun at Affleghem Abbey, near Aalst in Brabant in 1149/50. .

" Gerardus de Marbais, Balduinus frater eius, et Paganus de Marbais " witnessed a charter dated 1160 under which " Godefridusdux Lotharingiæ " confirmed donations to the abbey of Villers 1318. The reliability of this information is unknown, especially considering other obvious errors in the same manuscript. Wilhelme Malclerc saingnor de Hemricourt quy navoit plus denfans, recording in a later passage that she married secondly alle saingnor de Badresen en Braybant 1307. .  Heer van Waanrode and Nieuwrode, by right of his first wife. . " Arnoldus de Wesemale " subscribed the charter dated 1188 under which " GodefridusDux et Marchio Lotharingie at the request of " uxoris nostre Imaine ducisse Lotharingie confirmed the donations to Averboden by " frater eius comes Gerardus de Loen " 689. . Duke Antoine had two illegitimate children by unknown mistresses:. Nun at Brussels, Clarissans: the testament of domicelli Joannis de Glymes, domini temporalis de Berghe supra Zoniam et de Melyn, dated 1427 ( vidimus dated bequeathed property.Jean de Glymes son fils aîné. The Oude Kronik van Brabant names " Elisabeth ducissam de Bruynswiich " as the daughter of " Henricus secundus et quintus dux Brabancie " and his second wife Sophia 316. . The necrology of Averbode records the death III Id Jul of Yode domine de Dist que est hic sepulta 894. . M secondly (Betrothed, ) floris IV Count of Holland, son of willeount of Holland his first wife Adelheid van Gelre (-Noyon or Corbie, bur Rijnsburg).

C) alveric (-after 1129). . M - Seigneur de Havereche, son. m firstly ADA de Louvain, daughter of gossuin de Louvain his wife. . Duke Jean II his wife had one child:. Charles-Auguste de Bériot (1802-1870 compositeur et violoniste belge né à Louvain. The Balduini Ninovensis Chronicon records that " Iohannis filius eius " succeeded " Iohannis primus dux Lotharingie, Brabantie et Lemburgie ". .

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