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Yakanui was a human monster, the greatest cannibal on the island. The female sex was very degraded. Geddie were soon engrossed in learning the Aneiteumese tongue. Hastening to the shore, the missionary spoke pointedly to the natives about the wickedness of their conduct. While some of the women held down the girl's arms and legs the men proceeded to strangle her.

"Can we indeed expect anything good from the poor heathen wrote the missionary, "when their deities are supposed to be such as themselves, or, rather, are conceived as having attained to a more gigantic stature in every form of vice than man can possibly reach?". After completing grammar school and later the Pictou Academy, he entered upon the study of theology. When Geddie again tried to intervene, men with clubs drove him away. The missionary knew a man who killed and ate his own child! Aneiteum was his base of operations, while his parish extended across the vast reaches of Eastern Melanesia with its multitudinous isles. Then he began to tell them of that wondrous love which led the Son of God to give up the praise of the angels for the mockery of men, to exchange the diadem of the ages for a crown of thorns, and to die. I have seen the day when a man who wore a garment was the sport of others, but now every rag in the community is in requisition on the Sabbath day. "Though severed now from those with whom we could take sweet counsel wrote Geddie, "we are not alone. Like John Bunyan, he was powerfully convicted of sin and for some time considered himself beyond the possibility of salvation. The details of his conversion are not on record.

The women wore a girdle made of the Pandanus leaf, while the men were practically naked. The murderous deed was by this time completed. Reinforcing his teaching with action, he took them with him on his weekly tours through the island and encouraged them to witness for their Lord to their countrymen. A piece of wood or polished stone was inserted horizontally, with the result that the nose was greatly distended. To this worthy couple four children were born - three daughters and a son. THE first missionary enterprise OF THE colonial churches. The following is an abbreviated edition of John Geddie: Messenger of the Love of Christ in Eastern Melanesia, from. Shortly after dawn, on a beach nearby, they saw a group of natives casting into the sea the body of the man who had died a few hours earlier and also the body of his wife who had been strangled. John was an active boy and an eager student. But he kept on telling of the Redeemer's love and exemplifying it in his actions.

We have His promise, at whose command we have come hither, 'Lo, I am with you alway. Ship as a Guest, track, enter up to 75 tracking numbers / PINs or tracking references in the box below. It was considered proper to eat all enemies killed or taken in war. Geddie, "the father of Presbyterian missions in the South Seas landed on the island of Aneiteum Aneityum, of the New Hebrides group, in 1848. Their sacred men were invested with remarkable powers, such as producing thunder and lightning, causing hurricanes and inducing disease. It was smeared with a red paint and divided into a large number of long, twisted locks. Total Weight lbkg1 lb /.45 kg). Blazing the Missionary Trail by Eugene Harrison, Scripture Press,. In a few minutes the party returned, dragging the culprit.


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Distributed by Way of Life Literature's Fundamental Baptist Information Service, an e-mail listing for Fundamental Baptists and other fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians. Be gone before we kill you!" they shouted. We do not solicit funds from those who do not agree with our preaching and who are not helped by these publications, but from those who are. Paypal offerings can be made to Back To Top. This knowledge would be of great value to him in communicating with the Samoan teachers who had already been settled on several of the Melanesian islands. Geddie's mechanical abilities and his knowledge of medicine peculiarly fitted him for work on a pioneer field among Melanesian and Polynesian savages. Telecharger-yes-messenger Com Pictou

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Each person painted according to his own particular fancy and every one's face had a hideous, if not ludicrous, appearance. D site de rencontre comme jecontacte rencontre d un jour gratuit a special Mother blessing for a powerful Mama-to-be in our village. Early life AND conversion, john Geddie (1815-1872) was born in Banff, Scotland, April 10, 1815. Young John and his sisters got their early education in "Hogg's School so named after the Scotchman who was the teacher. While assiduously devoting himself to his pastoral duties, Geddie sought to promote the idea that a Colonial Church might and should engage aggressively in foreign mission work. The natives who attended our Sabbath meetings used to come with their clubs and spears and painted visages; but now we seldom see a weapon on the Sabbath day, and the habit of painting is falling into disuse. Seeing the white man he cried out: "Have mercy! Their deities included idols and spirits called Natmasses.